Sunday on Summit, Part 2

Rachel and Tom At the Cathedral in St Paul

There is this same image with more of the Cathedral (of St. Paul), but the sky was just so staggeringly beautiful on this day, with the capital hanging out in the background – this image captures the day a bit more for me.  When their wedding goes down in about a month, there will be plenty of ‘church’ shots to go around.  Let the sky have it’s day. ;0)

The happy couple

There Is a story behind this image… lets just leave it at that.

Rachel and Veil

Rachel’s veil reveal… everyone agreed, it’s a good’un.

 Tom - The Groom

Tom is a fun guy.  I do believe this might have been a Jump-out-of-the-car, see me, and scream, “hey take my picture” first-shot of the day.  But it actually captured his mood throughout the session quite well.  Good times.

Incidentally, this is the first of my new 750-pixel wide blog photos.  I’ve revamped the blog to hold them nicely.  Bigger image = Better.

Rachel and Tom

Just an impromptu shot of the happy couple after leaving their reception site.  It’s an old mansion on Summit ave in St. Paul, just a block down from the Cathedral.  It’s going to be a really good time.


Rachel and Tom

Rachel and Tom walking to their wedding site

Two of the rockin’est people in the world walking from their reception site to their ceremony site during a scouting trip we did Sunday.  There wedding is going to be a really good time.  Just a scouting session’ but still got some good images… Will post a few more over the next few days. .