Saturday, Part 2: Get Down Give Back

How’s this for an idea:  throw a big fancy upscale wedding reception, subtract the wedding part, collect money instead of gifts, and donate the proceeds to a worthy cause.  Add in a dash of raffle, a sprig of environmentalism, a pinch of ‘swank’, and copious amounts of Irondale High School mini-reunion… and you’ve got the the first annual Get Down, Give Back Gala; GDGB for those of you that like acronyms.

GDGB was a good time. I told the organizers I’d make like “20 or so” images (my little donation…) for their website so that next year they can have actual images, rather than some found imagery.  Next thing you know I’ve got a hundred in the bag and I’m bummin’ that I didn’t bring in my light stands or other stuff.  Gah… silly hot people gettin’ down on the dance floor always makes me want to shoot.

Oh, and Jazz Hands are funny. Always.

There you go, SAG, with one very special photograph just to highlight your specialness. 😉.

Saturday, Part 1: The Surprise Birthday Party

Saturday was a busy, yet fun day for me.  2 photography events, neither one a wedding.

It started with a surprise 74th birthday party for Audrey Brenon.  I’m not sure that her mouth closed the entire party – she kept running into people she hadn’t seen in a while or didn’t expect to be there – it was like 20 little mini-surprise parties over and over.

The original venue actually closed down only a few days prior so the planners were left scrambling coming up with a new plan & place – and getting all that info out to everyone.  Luckily, there was a local bar that had the room and was happy to have us and everything turned out fantastically.  

Not only did everyone ‘get the message’ and the original surprise went off without a hitch… but during the quick ‘roast’ they decided to play a little game of “who came from the furthest away” …  Audrey was convinced that Sheboygan, Wisconsin would be the farthest anyone traveled from….  Until Jay, her son from Arizona, walked out from his hiding spot around the corner.  Tears all over the place, hugging, love.  It was awesome.


Part 2 of the day to follow ….

3’s company

Spent the majority of the day traveling back to Minneapolis from Susan and Nates rockin’ wedding… (I made it safe; I know you were all worried… 😉 ).  Before sleep, I want to toss up one shot that kind of sums up much of the day:

During the first dance, this little guy decided he’d go run a quick lap out around the happy couple…  Lots of cake-fed kids made the entire day a blast and super unpredicatble; I love the fun kids bring to the party. 🙂


2008 Miss Fridley

Staying involved in the community through the Miss Fridley Scholarship program is fun…  The girls are always so gracious and happy.  A few images from the night:

From the four in this picture, a virtual cookie to the person who can guess who just won something…

Photograph of Miss Fridley Pageant


Photograph of Miss Fridley Pageant


Photograph of the new Miss Fridley


Photograph of Miss Fridley Pageant


And a quick shout out to my online stalker…

Photo of Miss Fridley Pageant


Photography from Miss Fridley Pageant.

MN Open Source Photo gathering…

A bunch of wedding photographers got together.  Talked shop, messed with equipment, look at styles, took photos of each other, etc.  It was very informative – but more than that, it was downright fun.  Minnesota is blessed with some rockin’ photographers who also happen to be great people.

Daniel Snow - Minnesota Wedding Photographer holding HIS flash that I popped off for a fun effect

This is Daniel Snow, a great guy and fellow Nikon shooter.  He also ran around shooting his Holga with his flash mounted on this stick.  I ‘stole’ his flash on this shot and popped it off with my camera to make for a fun effect.

Jen C - Wedding Photographer

This is a shot of Jenn C, of Minnesota Image.  Great, fun person who worked quite a bit as our ‘model’ – danke!

All around good time, and it was great to meet every one of you…