New Baby Photography Portfolio

We finally are getting around to re-doing our portfolios – after almost 3 years!  *hangs head in shame*

We actually plan an entire website revamp for mid-December (yeah, we are still using Flash… sadface), but it’s the images that matter so we did that first.

Colleen and I figured the baby ‘side’ of Federer Photography was the most out-of-date, so with the help of some voting friends (it’s so hard to be impartial with cute kids!), we can now happily say we’ve updated our baby, newborn, and maternity portfolio.  Score.  Here is a quick preview of the new images — head over to our baby photography site to see them bigger!

Unique newborn photographs in MinnesotaCreative Baby Photography in Minneapolis.

New main Wedding Photography website!

I apologize for the huge break in blog updates, but I was busy programming THIS:

Yep, a new main wedding site.  It is functionally much the same, but it’s much better, trust me. 😉 

About 50 slides or so, mostly newer stuff.  I let my last be horribly out-of-date for way too long.  I plan to do a little more as well (“Blog” tab, perhaps even a “Info/Learn” area with frequently asked questions, photography tips and other fun geekery), but the skeleton of the site is there.

Remember many posts ago when I said “Bigger Image = Better”?  Well, now even people with a 1600×1200 screen can get nearly full-screen images (depending on bandwidth and other fun geeky stuff).  W00T!.  Yes, I said W00T!… and I spelt it with zeros too.  Take that!

I plan to work on the blog itself a bit soon too.
Anyone with comments, critique, or issues let me know….