New Baby Photography Portfolio

We finally are getting around to re-doing our portfolios – after almost 3 years!  *hangs head in shame*

We actually plan an entire website revamp for mid-December (yeah, we are still using Flash… sadface), but it’s the images that matter so we did that first.

Colleen and I figured the baby ‘side’ of Federer Photography was the most out-of-date, so with the help of some voting friends (it’s so hard to be impartial with cute kids!), we can now happily say we’ve updated our baby, newborn, and maternity portfolio.  Score.  Here is a quick preview of the new images — head over to our baby photography site to see them bigger!

Unique newborn photographs in MinnesotaCreative Baby Photography in Minneapolis.

Amelia : 6 Months

Amelia got the best of both worlds this summer – she had some time in our home studio and got to go outdoors too.  It made for a great variety of finished photos.  I was super excited that Amelia brought her cute little raspberry hat to the session, just as our raspberries patch happened to peaking.  So we plopped her down near the patch and proceeded with our usual high-pitched attention-getting banter behind the camera.  We might have had a few neighbors peek their heads out their back doors to figure out what all the commotion was in our yard.  But really, after our giant pumpkins, electric car, and 12 foot snowmen, I don’t think anything would surprise our neighbors any more…

Minneapolis, Minnesota Baby Photographs.

Seth: Future Firefighter

Colleen has been friends with Seth’s dad Sam for 12 years and can still remember when Sam started dating his now wife, Karen.  Sam and Karen are made for each other and the nicest people you will ever meet, so it’s no wonder that baby Seth was so cooperative during his photo shoot!  Sam is a firefighter and wanted to incorporate that into the photos which made for some seriously unique images.  Karen is a teacher and also a wedding veil-maker extraordinaire!  She is the person behind my “Awesome custom veil maker” link that has been in the right-hand column of this blog since its inception.  She made two amazing and perfect veils for Colleen for our wedding and we were so happy to be able to offer these special photos of her new little guy.  We took these when Seth was one week old – and now this time will be immortalized forever.  Congrats to the new Strassburg family!


Julia Jean: 7 Months

It makes me smile to see my former wedding clients in a new role since being a bride and groom… Susan and Nate are now a Mommy and Daddy!  Little Julia is doing the same thing that all babies tend to do – grow up too fast.  They contacted me to take some mid-year photos of Julia to capture her toothless grin and ever-changing expressions.  When Nate first found out he was going to have a little girl he commented that he hoped she would get his looks so as to “keep away the boys”.  I like to point out to Nate that although Julia did get his looks, they sure did translate into female remarkably well 🙂

As you can see, she is super cute and she even busted out her new found spit-bubble-blowing ability for me.  Congrats again Susan and Nate!

Minneapolis, Minnesota Newborn Photographs.