Cliff Ties

The owner of Cliff Ties, a new company looking to sell hand-screened graphic neckties, contacted me about doing a quick shoot of some of his ties on real people as they might actually look while wearing them; “I’m in”, I said.  He showed up with a box of the cool, hand-crafted ties and we headed down to the wharehouse district in Minneapolis.  We had a good time, got some good photographs, and didn’t do the “stand in front of  a brick wall and try to look like a rebel” toooo much.

Cliff Ties is having their launch party (complete with a band and discounts on ties (and free drinks for anyone named Joe Federer??)  )  on Sept 10, 7pm at Stella’s Fish Cafe in Minneapolis.  I believe their website may have just started accepting orders for those of you looking to be among the first to own one.

Here are some of my favorite images from that (even if these aren’t the ones that best show the ties — it’s my blog, I’ll post what I want! 😉  ) …

The astute observers among you might notice that Colleen and I (me wearing a funny “hot chicks” tie) got into the action as well.  Yep, we’re famous..

2008.08.02 – Kara and Ryan

Now this bunch knows how to have a good time! In honor of them, I present a super-sized blog post:

This was the first they saw of each other that day:

Wedding Photograph

Yes, I did get a straight-on one of them too… but that’s why we have a blog, to showcase some pictures that are fun but might not otherwise get into a portfolio of some sort…  These two (Ring Bearer and Flower Girl) were super-fun with the camera…

Now I don’t normally dig on the cliche ‘jump’ shot… but when the maid-of-honor had a big cast on her leg, we simply HAD to do it:

The biggest wedding dip ever in the history of all dips… You could tell the practicing that we did during the engagement session paid off.

Again, maybe not something that’s going to get put in a wedding portfolio… but really? Look at the cake flying everywhere!  Funny that I post this, but not the tender moment when she helps clean the cake off his face and tux.  haha. 🙂


…. and thus ends my biggest wedding blog post yet.  Kara & Ryan, I hope you guys are having a GREAT honeymoon.  Congratulations again….

Kara and Ryan – Engagment Session

Met up with Kara and Ryan last Wednesday for some ‘get used to the camera’ time. 

Ryan likes to goof around, Kara likes to laugh… it’s a good pairing.  We practiced dipping, laughed a bunch, talked shop, and all around had a good time.  Oh, and we made some images too…









I like these last two all-the-more for the fact that they didn’t know I was taking them. Catchin’ the laughin’ and the smoochin’…. which really isn’t too hard with this couple.  Can’t wait for the wedding!.

Rachel and Tom – only fools rush in

Tom and Rachel, after dating for roughly 7 years, finally tied the knot at the Cathedral of St. Paul this past Saturday.  Just some of the best people I’ve ever met.  As a fellow Johnnie (and her a Bennie) this one was particularly special to me. From the near-perfect weather, to the stunning venues, to great friends and beautiful people all around…It was a great day, everything just worked out fantastical (yes, even spell-check says that is a word! 🙂 ).  I wish them all the best and hope they know they can always call on me.

I’ve been traveling these past few days so it’s taken a while for me to take a peek at the images; as I get to look at them, I’ll put up more…  Stay classy. 😉

Wedding Ceremony Picture

Wedding Photography St. Paul

Wedding Photography Minnesota

Minnesota Wedding Photograph

Wedding Photograph

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographs St. Paul

Wedding Photographs St. Paul Minnesota 


Baby Blues

Some fun baby portraits… Not the whole set, but I just had to post some pictures of those big, unbelieveably beautiful, eyes.

Baby portrait


Baby Photograph


Baby with measuring cup photo

And then, the “over the shoulder, movie star pose”, just for good measure. 😉

Baby looking at photographer


Sara and Brian

I shot with Jen Coleman today; a really fun wedding photographer friend of mine.  Sara and Brian got married today at St. Mary’s church in downtown St. Paul.  They were so unbelievably cool; the family, the bridal party, and all the guests were all extremely gracious.  It was a downright pleasure to be a part of their day.  Sara, in particular, was certainly one of the most emotive people I’ve ever met – good times, good times.  Oh, and aviators…  anyone with aviators automatically gets in two times the number of pictures they otherwise would. 🙂

A couple quick images I made before I head for a well-earned sleep:

Sara and Brian Wedding Photos


Wedding photo of flowers


Wedding Reception entrance Photograph


Wedding Photography of Bride


Wedding Day First Dance Picture

I’ll probably post some more as I process them… we’ll see, gotta keep room for dog pictures! 😉


Sunday on Summit, Part 2

Rachel and Tom At the Cathedral in St Paul

There is this same image with more of the Cathedral (of St. Paul), but the sky was just so staggeringly beautiful on this day, with the capital hanging out in the background – this image captures the day a bit more for me.  When their wedding goes down in about a month, there will be plenty of ‘church’ shots to go around.  Let the sky have it’s day. ;0)

The happy couple

There Is a story behind this image… lets just leave it at that.

Rachel and Veil

Rachel’s veil reveal… everyone agreed, it’s a good’un.

 Tom - The Groom

Tom is a fun guy.  I do believe this might have been a Jump-out-of-the-car, see me, and scream, “hey take my picture” first-shot of the day.  But it actually captured his mood throughout the session quite well.  Good times.

Incidentally, this is the first of my new 750-pixel wide blog photos.  I’ve revamped the blog to hold them nicely.  Bigger image = Better.

Rachel and Tom

Just an impromptu shot of the happy couple after leaving their reception site.  It’s an old mansion on Summit ave in St. Paul, just a block down from the Cathedral.  It’s going to be a really good time.


MN Open Source Photo gathering…

A bunch of wedding photographers got together.  Talked shop, messed with equipment, look at styles, took photos of each other, etc.  It was very informative – but more than that, it was downright fun.  Minnesota is blessed with some rockin’ photographers who also happen to be great people.

Daniel Snow - Minnesota Wedding Photographer holding HIS flash that I popped off for a fun effect

This is Daniel Snow, a great guy and fellow Nikon shooter.  He also ran around shooting his Holga with his flash mounted on this stick.  I ‘stole’ his flash on this shot and popped it off with my camera to make for a fun effect.

Jen C - Wedding Photographer

This is a shot of Jenn C, of Minnesota Image.  Great, fun person who worked quite a bit as our ‘model’ – danke!

All around good time, and it was great to meet every one of you…