New main Wedding Photography website!

I apologize for the huge break in blog updates, but I was busy programming THIS:

Yep, a new main wedding site.  It is functionally much the same, but it’s much better, trust me. 😉 

About 50 slides or so, mostly newer stuff.  I let my last be horribly out-of-date for way too long.  I plan to do a little more as well (“Blog” tab, perhaps even a “Info/Learn” area with frequently asked questions, photography tips and other fun geekery), but the skeleton of the site is there.

Remember many posts ago when I said “Bigger Image = Better”?  Well, now even people with a 1600×1200 screen can get nearly full-screen images (depending on bandwidth and other fun geeky stuff).  W00T!.  Yes, I said W00T!… and I spelt it with zeros too.  Take that!

I plan to work on the blog itself a bit soon too.
Anyone with comments, critique, or issues let me know….

Author: Joe

Wedding Photographer based out of Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota specializing in candid work but also offering cool, artisic portrait imagery.

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