Due to popular demand…

Puppy on Love Sac

I’m having some color profile issues rear their ugly heads, so the lovely Love Sac that Kona is on for some of these pictures is being rendered as pure black.  Unfortunately, I don’t have time to make the needed changes and still get this post up before I need to get on the road…  I’ll edit when I get back, so just look at the doggie. 😉

p.s.  Once a dog has gotten over his curiosity about the camera, it is suprisingly difficult to get them to look into the lens.  I need a noise-clicker thing, those work magic.

Kona and my a lens cap

Dog, photography, small puppy, small lens cap, image on photograhers blog… it seems right.  I am now realizing this is the only image in this post that doesn’t include the Love Sac.

Colleen and Kona on Love Sac

Do I really need a comment for this one?  Best caption for this image wins a prize – comment below.

Kona on Day 1

This was actually taken on day one of bringing him home.  Colleen perhaps still had tears in her eyes.  Originally thought it was a throw-away but it’s growing on me more and more.

Christa and Kona

Christa wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t include a picture of her. So here it is. 😉

Kona sleeping

Rest up little one, rest up… Big life ahead of you.


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3 thoughts on “Due to popular demand…”

  1. Oh, and my comment for the pic is: “You sure are one funny looking momma dog.” Lastly, the one on the lawn is a great picture. I can’t believe you thought it was a throw away.

  2. love that i’m finally in a post, and hey, thanks for picking the most unflattering picture of me birthing your dog.

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