Saturday, Part 1: The Surprise Birthday Party

Saturday was a busy, yet fun day for me.  2 photography events, neither one a wedding.

It started with a surprise 74th birthday party for Audrey Brenon.  I’m not sure that her mouth closed the entire party – she kept running into people she hadn’t seen in a while or didn’t expect to be there – it was like 20 little mini-surprise parties over and over.

The original venue actually closed down only a few days prior so the planners were left scrambling coming up with a new plan & place – and getting all that info out to everyone.  Luckily, there was a local bar that had the room and was happy to have us and everything turned out fantastically.  

Not only did everyone ‘get the message’ and the original surprise went off without a hitch… but during the quick ‘roast’ they decided to play a little game of “who came from the furthest away” …  Audrey was convinced that Sheboygan, Wisconsin would be the farthest anyone traveled from….  Until Jay, her son from Arizona, walked out from his hiding spot around the corner.  Tears all over the place, hugging, love.  It was awesome.


Part 2 of the day to follow ….

Author: Joe

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