Buenos Aires 2008

Yes, I’m aware it’s a full 93 days into 2009.  I’m still putting a ‘2008’ title on my post – I hope this doesn’t cause too much confusion.  Luckily, people don’t write many checks anymore, or I could see a flood of people cashing year-old checks.   Technically this is just me being late on part 2 (of 3) from my other South America post.

If you are ever in Buenos Aires – 

DO: See a Boca Juniors game with the home-crowd. Most amazing sporting experience of my life. Get their earlier than you would ever expect you’d need to and sit UNDER the balcony, trust me on this.

DON’T: Miss out on the meat.  Amazing amazing meat.  Mmmm… Meat.

DO: Hit up tango classes – just be ready to somehow (and strangely) have your masculinity challenged by your inability to do frilly toe-twirls while dancing.  

DON’T: Expect the entire city to be Tangos and bright colors.  A small section of the Boca part of town is wicked-colorful and exactly what all the tourist mags say it is, however.  But that’s like saying “Disneyland represents all of Florida”…

DO: Go to Ricoletta Cemetary (Cementerio de la Recoleta).  Sure, it’s got Evita’s tomb, but it’s WAY WAY cooler than that.

DON’T: Go to a “City Cultural Music Festival – Percussion night” that a someone tells you is “going to be great”.  Well, be like us and go, but be ready for a full-0n rave in a busted-out warehouse complete with mouth-sized glowsticks and entranced locals going nuts.

… I could go on and on.  But I’ll let some photographs do the talking for me.


Author: Joe

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