The Best Purchase Ever

1 Year ago today I made the best purchase of my life; by far. (Read that blog post from then, before he even had a name!)

I’m planning a uber-Kona year-in-review post… but for now, this one photograph alone tells the story of the day I got him.  

Puppies spend 7-9 weeks with their ‘dog family’ and the breeder before being picked up.  On ‘pick up day’ we were last in line to select (this guy is a responsible breeder who only breeds a litter when he’s got MORE than enough people to take all the pups — and even then limits the number of litters so the female dog gets a normal life too), we only got Kona because he had a herniated umbilical and no one else wanted him for fear of issues.  

So here he is, saying goodbye to the human family that he played with for the first 8 weeks, and saying goodbye to his momma for the last time (note the dog pounding on the fence in the background is the mother… she just lost all her other children in the past 24 hours — and this was on Mother’s Day 2008… I’m so evil!) as he walked to the car for the ride home to his new family.

… where he’s proven to be one of the best dogs EVA!!!.

Author: Joe

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