Rockband: Wedding Edition

Amanda and Kevin got married this last Sunday; their wedding was at in the Sunken Garden in Como Park and their reception was held just across the way at the Pavilion. That alone made it the best smelling wedding yet (yes, smelling). Add to that: No bridal party; 45-person guest list; no dance; and a video game as the evening’s entertainment.

What came out was a crazy-unique wedding that was a blast to photograph – and (looked like) even more fun to be a guest of. Everyone was having a raucous great time, getting down with their bad selves… a great time for some really great people. I just had to blog it.

Amanda and Kevin were so easy-going, friendly, and laid back, it was awesome. They knew they wanted their wedding to be fun; they knew they weren’t “dancers” – so they rolled their own unique style. Very cool, I love it when people make things their own.
Plus, the fact they were into smoochin’ about every 4 seconds… we’ll, lets just say I captured my share of lip-locks. 😉 I couldn’t be happier for them.

Now, even though I fear breaking the internet, here comes a big’ole’blog’post…. prep yourselves.


Author: Joe

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