The Photo Station!!!

2 weeks before their wedding Ellen and Paul wrote me saying they wanted something a little different at their wedding. Not a photobooth – that’s been done; they asked me to come up with something a bit different. I said, “I’d see what I could do”; and then proceeded to do a giddy little happy dance because knew I just got license to do something really cool.

After reading the entire internet (yes, the whole thing), crazy scrambling, lots of time at internet stores, talking to other photographer friends, more internet stores, testing, trips to brick-and-mortar stores after I realized I didn’t buy everything I needed from the web, and even more testing… we came out with a photo station.

Here’s how it works. You walk up, a real life photographer holds a camera (and helps you look your cutest if needed) and clicks off 2-5 frames. Then, before your eyes have even gotten over the flashbulbs, the images quick pop up on a screen (already all cool looking – in this case, Ellen wanted a sepia-old-school type look – they looked just like this on the night-of), we pick one to print, and 8 seconds later you’ve got an actual photographic print in hand (yeah, a physical 4×6 print – how quaint, right?)… later, all the images are online for you look at, grab, share and mock one another with. It’s a lot like heaven in photographic form.

The bar, the photo station, and the dance floor were hoppin’ all night. Paul and Ellen – you’ve got some absolutely insane friends! I’m really glad you guys had me do this for you.

Seriously, how fun is this?!?! Check it out:

… and some of the really crazy stuff isn’t even here (my small effort to help keep the internet “family-friendly”… hehe)..

Author: Joe

Wedding Photographer based out of Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota specializing in candid work but also offering cool, artisic portrait imagery.

15 thoughts on “The Photo Station!!!”

  1. @ Justin: Thanks for the kind words. It’s a fancy-schmancy Sony dye-sublimation printer. Heavy as heck, but pumps out high quality images really fast. ONLY one size though; so no changing on the fly.

  2. Wow! I Love it! these are sooooooo FUN! Great work Joe (and Assistant!) Can’t wait to see more of the wedding!!

  3. This turned out amazing. Joe – you and your guys did an incredible job. I can’t wait to see all the group shots turned out!

  4. I’m impressed. You guys pulled this off really well. I like the sepia type effect that was automatically applied. Adds another little something.

  5. That he is, that he is. Now if I could just get him to refresh the paper on occasion. ;p Just kiddin’ ya dude – you did awesome.

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