2008.08.02 – Kara and Ryan

Now this bunch knows how to have a good time! In honor of them, I present a super-sized blog post:

This was the first they saw of each other that day:

Wedding Photograph

Yes, I did get a straight-on one of them too… but that’s why we have a blog, to showcase some pictures that are fun but might not otherwise get into a portfolio of some sort…  These two (Ring Bearer and Flower Girl) were super-fun with the camera…

Now I don’t normally dig on the cliche ‘jump’ shot… but when the maid-of-honor had a big cast on her leg, we simply HAD to do it:

The biggest wedding dip ever in the history of all dips… You could tell the practicing that we did during the engagement session paid off.

Again, maybe not something that’s going to get put in a wedding portfolio… but really? Look at the cake flying everywhere!  Funny that I post this, but not the tender moment when she helps clean the cake off his face and tux.  haha. 🙂


…. and thus ends my biggest wedding blog post yet.  Kara & Ryan, I hope you guys are having a GREAT honeymoon.  Congratulations again….

Author: Joe

Wedding Photographer based out of Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota specializing in candid work but also offering cool, artisic portrait imagery.

3 thoughts on “2008.08.02 – Kara and Ryan”

  1. these are lovely pictures.

    But, I feel sad for Kona. Was he only cute enough to get pictures on your blog when he was a puppy? Because I still like him whether you do or not.

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