Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Part three of my South America quest (Buenos Aires and Peru being parts one and two) is finally making it online.  Colonia, easily accessible via ferry from Buenos Aires, is a small little backwater town a few hours down the coast from Montevideo; seemingly plucked straight from the past – even the ‘modern’ touches seem 30-60 years old.  Colonia is the oldest town in Uruguay and the historic quarter is a wonderfully serene place.  We were there for 3 days in the middle of the week and rarely saw other people – especially after the sun went down.  Sad, in some ways, because you could tell it was a shell of it’s former self — but what a shell it was!


Author: Joe

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7 thoughts on “Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay”

  1. I know! It seems like the only thing they drink! I brought some back to America…but it just didn’t taste the same here! I never totally loved the taste, maybe it was just the amazing setting I was in

  2. It IS mate! What an interesting tradition(?) it was – everyone, everywhere, with a mate cup and a thermos at lunch time.

  3. Beautiful photos! Is that mate you’re drinking? Ahh it makes me miss Buenos Aires! It looks like you guys had such an amazing trip, I’m jealous!

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