Meghan and Scott : Wedding Photographs

Meghan and Scott got engaged 5 years ago — so they had a lot of time to plan their wedding.  That time was well spent.

Their wedding was held at good ol’ SJU (Go Johnnies!!) in the Abbey. The Abbey is sweet, it’s where all the cool people get married (Did I mention that’s where Colleen and I got married?).   They hadn’t seen one another before the ceremony, so when Meghan came down the aisle it was a good thing that Scott’s brother was one of the officiants (how cool, right?) to help Scott pull it back together.   A quick smooch (them, not me…;) ) and we popped on over to the new Gorecki Center at St. Bens for a little wedding Plinko (oh yes, Plinko), dinner, speeches, and a first dance that turned into a choreographed event that had everyone hootin’ and hollerin’.

And of course, in that grand SJU tradition, piano man with pants at the ankles to end the night…


Author: Joe

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  1. and by we I mean the bridal party. not that i’m part of your relationship. well. kind of.

  2. These were so fun to look at. I just kept thinking of all of yours and Colleen’s pics. You should have taken your own photos. There are a few that I was like “Oh man! I wish we could’ve gotten one like that!”

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