Carrie and Curt : Minneapolis Wedding Photographs

♪ In the Navy… ♫  In the Navy…  ♪   Okay, I wanted to do that ever since I saw Curt in his whites.   Feels good to get that off my chest.

For table assignment cards, Carrie and Curt hand-wrote personalized letters to each and every guest at their wedding.  And not ‘personalized’ in mass produced way where all you change is one sentence… but truly personal comments, thank you’s, and insight for and about every single guest.   This amazingly thoughtful gesture says so much about type of people they are.  It was apparent that both Carrie and Curt have touched many people’s lives in positive ways as a large number of their guests went up to the microphone to tell both touching and silly storys about them during dinner (I would like to take this time to appologize to the people at our dinner table – we were horrible dinner guest having to get up every 30 seconds!)  As it was, this wedding was filled with crack-up-style laughter and also lots of happy, sentimental tears.  Gotta love that combo!
Congratulations to you two love-birds and best wishes as you begin your married life together in Japan!  Hopefully we’ll see you back here sooner rather than later…

On a technical note — blog upgrade!!   Back in the day, I started with 500 pixel wide images… Then I thought I was all fancy when I moved to 750.  Boy, the 2007 version of me would be so embarrassed compared to the 920 pixels we’re going to be throwing out from here on forward.   Onward and upward!   (oh, and being wider means being taller too — so, uhm, this blog post is like 20,000 pixels long… hahah!!)

p.s.  I also do not know why that kid isn’t wearing a shirt. 😉

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Author: Joe

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3 thoughts on “Carrie and Curt : Minneapolis Wedding Photographs”

  1. Joe & Colleen,

    You are amazing. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. I do have to admit that several of the pictures did make me cry. That day was incredible and thanks to you it has been captured in pictures.

    Thank you.

  2. Joe, these are breath-taking, and couldn’t be more perfect. It’s an honor to follow your blog all these years (I might have to join your fan club) and then to have someone we can truly trust be there to capture our wedding day. You and Colleen are amazing!

    ps – the naked boy would be my cousin Colton. I guess he wanted to be more comfortable 😉 Curt likes to say we had a streaker at our wedding.

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