Chum reap suor

Sorry for the nearly 2 month unannounced blog hibernation… but we were traveling through SE Asia and had unexpectedly minimal computer access. I had a few blog posts all set up for posting, but couldn’t mange to get them ‘out the door’, as it were. I just never expected internet in the big cities of China to be harder to acquire than in the relatively rural areas of Cambodia and Thailand (We got WiFi – and an advanced degree in ‘sweating-like-crazy’ – everywhere in Thailand and Cambodia). Captain Bizzaro in effect. I’ll be doing individual posts on the places we went later… For now, suffice it to say: It was an amazing adventure… and it’s also great to be back in Minnesota.


Author: Joe

Wedding Photographer based out of Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota specializing in candid work but also offering cool, artisic portrait imagery.

7 thoughts on “Chum reap suor”

  1. Great pics!!! I think I might have pics in all of the same spots!! Glad you loved Asia!!

  2. Lots — but it was mostly adjunct water-down pilsner/lager beers in green bottles… you can deduce how good they were. 🙁

  3. Is you neck permentally in that postition? It’s uncanny, you have the same angle in every shot.

  4. I actually got my hair cut mid-trip … so it’ll never make sense. (at a place called “Gay Hair” — I suspect there was a problem in translation… ha!)

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