Metal Wedding Albums … say what?!?

Okay, the whole album isn’t metal, but the cover is printed on metal, then bonded to a polycarbonate backer… then the whole thing gets a protective UV coating to make it last centuries. It’s pretty slick… take a look:

And of course, is still made with the top-notch quality that I talked about in my blog post about what the physical wedding albums are like a while back. Check out the thick substantive pages, tightly molded and pressed spine, and the look of a full 24×9 spread (they went with a 12×9 album and oriented it horizontally — it certainly made the full spreads dramatic). I was also really happy with the choice Susan and Troon made for the choice of leather – it worked especially well with the tan suit Troon wore (before he jumped into the kilt, of course).

Prior to this, I’d never actually gotten a full metal cover, so I was a bit excited — I’m glad they decided to give it a go, it really gave it a stylish look that worked wonderfully with the tones in the cover image they selected. I personally feel that ‘crazy different’ tends to not be quite a timeless as something with a more subtle approach. This fits in perfectly with my ethos that your wedding photographs should be modern, yet not gimmicky – they must still retain a level of timelessness. The metal cover is unique – but isn’t ‘out there’ or something you’ll shake your head about in 20 years. It offers an almost subconscious, “that’s different” feel. I might have to add this to my sample set… 😉

Author: Joe

Wedding Photographer based out of Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota specializing in candid work but also offering cool, artisic portrait imagery.