Nikki and Ben : Minneapolis Engagement Photographs

Nikki and Ben both live and work in downtown Minneapolis – so naturally it makes sense that they’d plan to get married downtown as well.  From that flows a downtown engagement session…  all very logical.  But then when they said we could go on the roof of a cool building in the middle of the city?  That’s a logical step I hadn’t expected…. an awesome logical step.  Nikki tells me we might get some post-wedding shots up there in her dress sometime — can’t wait!

In addition to the cool connection they had to the locations, they were also super fun to work with – I’ve gotten a lot of ‘blue steel’ faces in my day, but rarely do I truly feel the power of a full on double-Magnum.  Pow… that’ll stop more than a ninja star.

Here are a few teaser shots from their session…

Minnesota Engagement PhotographsMinneapolis Rooftop Skyline Engagement Photographs.

Author: Joe

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