Kat and Scott : St. Paul Engagement Photographs

Scott is the brother of Mark – of “Mark and Alyssa” fame from last year.  Scott and Kat are going a little further away and are getting married in Chicago next year; I got the call last spring and we met to finalize having me document the upcoming shindig roughly a month ago; I was super happy (though, of course, I tried to play it cool…)  — I remembered them from the previous wedding and they seemed cool; and more importantly, they seemed to know how to have a great time.  (though, apparently I don’t stand out enough at weddings because, other than the resulting photographs, they didn’t remember me being there… *tear*… hehe, actually, I take people not noticing me day-of as a sign of “job well done”.)

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to heading to the ‘Windy City’ for the big event… Appropriately, the day we scheduled their engagement session was one of the windiest days in the Twin Cities that I’ve seen in a long time – massive gusts and sustained winds of 22+mph and threatening rain. I inkled that it might be a good idea to postpone, but Scott and Kat were gung-ho, so we pulled up our bootstraps, grabbed their dog Gia, and fought the wind… and we won. (unlike when we fought the law, and the law won… 😉 )

Wedding Photography ImagesEngagement PhotographsEngagement Photographs by Minnesota Wedding Photographer Joe Federer.

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