Michelle and Cam : Minneapolis Wedding Photographs

I always find it interesting that I basically only know people’s “wedding personalities” — one of the most emotional-pressure-cooker, potentially stressful, family-dynamics-laced days in an entire persons life.  How someone acts on their wedding day is, very likely, significantly different than how they act in real life.  For some reason, I don’t feel that’s the case with Michelle and Cam.

I ‘officially’ met Michelle, sans Cam, to talk about their wedding over a drink and some deliciously cheesy-artichoke dip stuff in uptown.  She was so laid back, friendly, and  agreeable — at the end of the meeting we didn’t have hours settled, number of photos, contracts, etc… nothing — but she was like “I trust you, we’ll figure it out” and gave me a retainer.  Being one that fully believes it’s better to trust and be proven wrong than to distrust and be proven right, I was both proud and happy to be working with her (plus I have a little hero-worship towards Cam – seriously, go here and look up his name).  About 3 days later I found out Colleen was pregnant and the next day the doctor told us our due date:  The exact same date as Michelle and Cam’s wedding!   O.M.G.    Long story short, Michelle was the first person (literally the first person) we told about Colleen being pregnant…   I gave her my backup plan ideas and also said I’d refund the retainer and help her find another photographer if she wanted to go that route (I didn’t expect she’d want something as important as the photography for her wedding slightly ‘up in the air’).  To my humbled surprise she returned with nothing but  joyous words of support for our family as well as a reiteration that she trusted me to do right by her and Cam — “and would also be happy if our wedding motivates your little pumpkin to join the world”.   I think it speaks volumes to her character that she would put my families happiness and stability over her ‘big day’.

On the wedding day, Michelle did nothing but back up (and improve upon) my very high impression of her – gracious, social, big-hearted and effervescently happy.

On the wedding day, this was Cam. 😉


hehe. All kidding aside, he truly was all the words and related words on this page (but not the antonyms, of course).  


Author: Joe

Wedding Photographer based out of Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota specializing in candid work but also offering cool, artisic portrait imagery.

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  1. Oh, Joe, you done good, kid.

    The kid riding the bike past the group pic? Amazing.

    And you summed the bride up perfectly with your description…

    …and you summed the groom up perfectly with that .gif file. Epic.

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