Minneapolis Wedding Photograph

No, for real… it’s not just an SEO term. It’s really just a Wedding Photograph… and a photograph of Minneapolis. What… google? Naw….

Karin and Kris got married this past weekend at the St. Anthony Main Event Center. I’ll post more later, but I I wanted to get something on the blog sooner and I really wanted to share this image.

Non-photographers might not realize this but the 10 minute period right before the sky goes black is a magical time for getting some really striking images; particularly with the style I like to create in.  Unfortunately, during summer, this small window of time almost invariably falls during speeches or the first dances or is when the bride and groom are inextricably buried in a pile of well wishes. (as they should be!)  So I was really happy when speeches ended at just the right time and there was a brief lull before the first dance. I suggested to Karin, “Hey, if we go outside right now for 30 seconds we can create something really cool”.  She was trusting and willing (which is a feat in-and-of-itself given it was a billion degrees outside) and said, “If you think it’s worth it – let’s do it!”.   Having previously scouted the place I wanted to make this photo and already having a lightstand set up, I responded with, “Give me 2 minutes…. it’ll be worth it. 😉 ”

And it was.

St. Anthony Main Minneapolis Wedding Photograph


Author: Joe

Wedding Photographer based out of Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota specializing in candid work but also offering cool, artisic portrait imagery.