D3 has arrived!

This year will involve some significant gear upgrades… starting with the Nikon D3 – currently the best all-around camera money can buy.  It’s the first significant investment I’ve made since being forced to sell some of my gear to pay for my own wedding photography a few months back.  Oh, how I would have loved to hold onto that 28mm f/1.4 ….

Oh well, new gear is fun and in the end I’ll end up with better capabilties than I ever could have dreamed just a few years ago.  I’ll post my initial thoughts on the D3 soon….

Hello world!

Coming from a computer science background, “Hello World” seemed about the only appropriate message for my first blog post.

I hope to make this a photo blog, with shots from weddings I’ve done, places I’ve traveled, or anything else that strikes my fancy.  I likely won’t update but once or twice a week – we’ll see..