Alyssa and Mark: Engagement Photographs

Alyssa, Mark and I went for a walk around the Cathedral – Summit area of St. Paul – I brought my camera. 😉   Alyssa is actually getting ready in the Blair Arcade on their wedding day, so it was cool to get that sneak peak.

It was an overcast day (love the overcast) that had me both laying in the street (not the greatest idea when things are wet…) and climbing trees.  Don’t tell the St. Paul park patrol.


Lisa and Rick: Wedding Photographs

Nothing like starting off the new year by blogging about people married last year!

Lisa and Rick got married late last fall at Mt. Olivet in Minneapolis. Lisa was one of the happiest and giggliest brides I’ve ever had — she just couldn’t keep it in; and Rick seemed to have a “this is awesome” smirk on his face all day.  Their enjoyment was infectious.

They finished of the night at the Metropolitan – complete with great speeches, live band, a happening dance, and custom Converse All Stars for the happy couple to boogie in.  But you didn’t come here to see me type….


Working Hard

You know that saying about how still currents run deep? Yeah, think of our blog as a ‘still current’.

We’ve been building a killer meeting space, revamping our samples and albums, recoding the website, building a separate site for the photo station, and coming up with awesome new secret items for your wedding photographs. Kona, as always, has been helping out. 😉


Mel and Eddie: Engagement Photographs

Mel and Eddie had their engagement session near the shores of Lake Harriet in Minneapolis (which happens to be the same place they got engaged… fancy that. hehe).   We basically just walked down a bike path for most of the time; with all the people around it was a perfect place to get over the ‘big camera in your face’ jitters…. and, of course, we got some cool images to boot!

Eddie brought an old-school Schwinn bike; it was pretty much awesome.  So we basically had ourselves a fun little three-way engagement shoot…

Contrary to rumor, the bike did not get jealous. 🙂


Kona – Year in Review

As promised: The Kona uber-year-in-review post, with enough cuteness to make a Care Bear flinch!

(Kona:) I like to run, and I like to sleep, and going for walks is the best. Sitting is really good, but playing is the best.  I met Cooper this year, he was afraid to come out of his kennel, but I helped him be brave. He is my best friend. Baths are scary for me, but I like when Mommy keeps me warm. Running around all wet and getting Daddy’s stuff wet is the best though; he chases me.  And playing with my best friend Cooper is the best, me and him are best buds.

Chewing toys is great. I love to lay on the Love Sac, or catch some rays with Mommy…or sit with Mommy, or read with Mommy…She is the best.  Wait… playing WITH Mommy ON the Lov Sac WITH toys- that’s the best.  Snow was weird, so I ate a lot of it. It didn’t stop Cooper and I from wrestling in the mud. Wrestling with Cooper is the best.

Christmas was… OMG — not as good as my birthday!!!  They put a hot thing on a puppy cupcake and sang me songs and put fun things on my head.  It felt strange, but I trust Mommy and Daddy (and it made me look super cool for St. Patties or Halloween).  Then they said I could eat the cupcake!!! People food!! REALLY?!?!   It was the best.

I had a very busy year – Daddy took a lot of pictures of me, I even helped daddy with his photo station. Oh man, that was the best – all the peoples! I love peoples – they are the best. Life is the best.