Becca and Eric : Bloomington Engagement Photographs

I first caught Becca on film (film? naw…) back in early 2009 at a charity event I was photographing.  She also happens to be the sister of my co-best man’s ladyfriend… so that’s pretty sweet. Eric and Becca just got a new house in Bloomington, MN so we hit up a park near their new … Continue reading “Becca and Eric : Bloomington Engagement Photographs”

Another one bites the dust….

It’s the New Year – time for some reflection and refocusing. What worked in 2010, what didn’t; perhaps more importantly: what needs to change to make this upcoming year better than the one recently past?  I truly believe that simply going through life without some sort of reflection and change based on said reflection is silly.  We … Continue reading “Another one bites the dust….”

Summer has officially come to MN…

The raspberries are ripe, the peas (and other veggie garden wonderfulness) are growing, and Mama Duck was successful in keeping Kona away from her nest long enough for the ducklings to hatch and make it down to the pond… p.s. For you photo geeks, these are basically straight-out-of-the-camera JPGs..

Working Hard

You know that saying about how still currents run deep? Yeah, think of our blog as a ‘still current’. We’ve been building a killer meeting space, revamping our samples and albums, recoding the website, building a separate site for the photo station, and coming up with awesome new secret items for your wedding photographs. Kona, … Continue reading “Working Hard”