First images from D3

Dusk was approaching (well, it had already arrived) but I managed to convince Colleen to head out back and let me take some pictures of her for 5 minutes.  I grabbed the 50mm and off we went… all shots were at ISO 800 f/1.4-f/1.8, shutter in the 1/40th range.

Colleen Photographed in Backyard

The colors worked out great – not Disneyland crazy, yet still saturated pleasantly.  Kicking up the saturation or shooting while the sun was out certainly would have brought the colors out further, but I kind of like this feel. Either way, it faithfully rendered the scene and didn’t take time in Photoshop to get looking good.

Photograph of Colleen, senior style, against fence

I’m digging the smooth clean file with great control of the DoF.  Went for a ‘senior portait’ style with this one. This is more-or-less untouched but I did experiment with the image in photoshop – the files from the D3 really handle ‘massaging’ well.  I’m going to have fun getting some wicked stuff with this tool.

Colleen up close

I was messing around and got a bit close on this one (creating big nose syndrome) but her smile was so real I really dig on it. Again, no real time in photoshop. And even at 1.4, did I mention that this guy is sharp?  Take a look at a 100% crop of her eye:

100% crop of photo of eye

That’s at ISO 800, F1.4.  Take a look at the reflection of her eyelashes in her eyes.  I’m sold.

Colleen getting frustrated at being photographed

I pushed my luck a little far, American Idol was back on and she wanted in the house, like, yesterday! … not ‘after just one more shot’.  Sitting her on the ground and finding out it was wet was certainly the last straw. :-/

Good times, good times.  Thanks hunny!.