Turned my wife into a mother…

Decided it was time…. to get a dog!

Our New Dog

A really early morning resulted in my being able to suprise my wife with a new dog on mothers day.  It’s a brittany spaniel… same as the dog of my childhood.  We don’t yet have a name, but have narrowed it down to: Kona, Jax, Freckles, Pluto, Bingo or Cosmo.  Kona is in the lead because that’s where we honeymoon’d, but we’ll see…   Votes?

After 5-6 hours of getting used to his new home, he started to pep up.  Quite the runner, considering his legs are about 4 inches long.  Expect to see this blog inundated with dog pictures.  I’ll do my best to keep a reasonable balance; but don’t hold your breath… at least until puppy stage is over. ;0)


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12 thoughts on “Turned my wife into a mother…”

  1. Eh, I’m just worried that Kona sounds too girly… I like the name, but Bingo is still my favorite.

  2. Yeah, I know. That’s my hesitation for “Bingo” – we live in an older neighborhood and I’m afraid all the older ladies are going to come out and pummel me for making them clear their boards when I yell “BINGO!!!” 😉

  3. CUTE puppy!! I like all of the names – especially Kona, but make sure you practice yelling each name in your neighborhood to make sure you aren’t too embarrassed to do so if he decides to take himself for a stroll. 😀 Have fun potty training!

  4. As we woke this morning, Bingo was the heavy favorite for Colleen. I still dig on Jax because then there’s no question as to his gender… though I’ve been calling him Kona on occasion to his face.

    …but Kona appears to be the heavy favorite. Hrm, we may have a name by this time tomorrow. 😉

    Now, if we can just get him to stop whining all night long. :-/

  5. Kona…dogs names have to be 2 syllables…or Jasper..no Kona. Did you send it to Frank? He’s too cute..you must bring him over to meet Dixie.

  6. Cutest puppy on the planet. I might have to dognap him…or I’ll just move into your house with christa.

    I vote Kona!

  7. i am in love already. after only an hour of being with him. i will probably live at your house now. ps.

    my vote is for kona, jax or freckles.

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