Slug Bug, No Backs!!!!

This past weekend I decided to finally get around to taking the first step on my next big project. From growing a 1000 pound pumpkin, to building a client meeting space with my bare hands (complete with taps to serve my homebrew)… I tend to like to grab a new ‘project’ or hobby every year or so. Colleen just calls them my yearly “midlife crisis” as she sighs. 🙂

Given we were in Asia this past year during pumpkin planting time, and that I’d already hit my goal weight after only two years, I thought this would be the perfect year to start something new – a bit crazy, fun, useful, etc. Cue me totaling my super-duper lovely and ever-forgiving wife’s first-ever car which she had a very strong emotional attachment to. (RIP, Blue)

Electric car it is! …and what’s one of the hardest things about building an electric car? Making all the ‘powered accessory’ items work — power steering, vacuum assisted brakes, air conditioning, power windows/locks, etc, etc…
Guess what kind of car doesn’t have any of those features? Yep — old-school VW Bugs! Shoot – even the windsheild fluid squirters are powered by the pressure of the spare tire!
Luckily I happen to have always wanted one as well. Additionally, they are super-light, cheap, way-cool, and relatively easy to work on.  So, after a month of searching I bought a 1970 model this past Sunday. The whole 1.5 hour drive home I had a grin ear-to-ear — I simply couldn’t wipe it off my face!   What a blast!
I’ll probably get to converting it sometime soon (need to learn how first! heh) so for now I’m enjoying simply driving it around and causing all the teenagers to get sore shoulders. The first time I drove past a park and heard a half-dozen screams of “SLUG BUG, NO BACKS!!” I litteraly busted out laughing — brought back so many memories of smacking my brothers/friends on road trips when I was younger. I’m glad I can be the guy that causes those memories to start for others…

Author: Joe

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